Glue PVA Axent 7202-A, 2 applicators, 40 g

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Axent Stationery PVA glue 7202-A with 2 applicators is a must-have in the office, at school or at home. Due to its unique characteristics it is known as an all-purpose glue you should always have on hand. PVA glue is familiar to everyone since childhood and it has a lot of advantages.

Multi-purpose glue. It is perfect for the office needs such as gluing photos and documents. Also, it is a must have for handmade hobbies and kid's Art projects such as paper crafts, papier-mâché, quilling, decoupage, scrapbooking.

This glue bonds strongly to a variety of different materials, including paper, photo paper, cardboard, fabric. Does not deform the surface of the paper after drying.

Safe formula. PVA glue is completely harmless when it is used as intended. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and has a neutral light aroma. That's why it is allowed for children from 3 years old and also widely used in kindergartens and schools to create decorations. The glue is not harmful even when applied to the skin, when dried can be removed as a film.

Easy to use. The glue is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving an elastic seam. It has 2 applicators for a perfectly accurate application and gluing of various parts. It is convenient to glue small details with a thin applicator, while wide applicator is used to apply a wide layer of glue on large areas.

Economic usage. A thin layer of glue is enough for gluing paper.

Aesthetic design with in a gentle pastel color will cheer you up while working.


  • Item volume - 40 g, stick & nbsp format; - is comfortable to hold;
  • 2 applicators (thin and wide) – for gluing different areas;
  • suitable for various materials: paper, cardboard, photo paper, fabric;
  • comes in display packing.
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